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Audit Annual Budget and Workplans

FY 2018/19

FY 2017/18

FY 2016/17

FY 2015/16

FY 2014/15

FY 2013/14

FY 2012/13

FY 2011/12

FY 2010/11

FY 2009/10

  • Annual Audit Workplan (None - City Auditor position was vacant from June 2009 till March 2010.)
  • Budget

FY 2008/09

FY 2007/08

  • Annual Audit Workplan (None - Due to a change from a fiscal year basis to calendar year basis, as explained below.)
  • Budget

FY 2006/07

  • Annual Audit Workplan (Annual Workplan for FY 2006/2007 was changed from a fiscal year basis to a calendar year basis in order to provide separation from the Annual Operating Budget approval process. The separation of two activities provided an opportunity for the Mayor and City Council to review the Annual Audit Workplan outside the tight time constraints of the Annual Operating Budget process. Annual Audit Workplan for Calendar Year 2007 was approved in January 2007.)
  • Budget

FY 2005/06

FY 2004/05

FY 2003/04

  • Annual Audit Workplan
  • Budget (None - City of Sacramento's first City Auditor started in March 2003 and hence was not included in the approved budget of Fiscal Year 2003.)