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Authority and responsibilities

City Code Section 2.18.010, Office of the city auditor created, states "..........The city auditor shall have such staff and budget as the city council may prescribe. The city auditor shall appoint all other members of the city auditor's office. (Ord. 2009-031 § 2)"

City Code Section 2.18.030, Audit plan and standards, states "By March 1st each year, the city auditor shall submit an annual audit plan to the city council for approval. The annual audit plan may be amended during the year with the approval of the city council. The council may, by resolution, authorize a committee, charter officer, or an individual councilmember with respect to the councilmember's own office, to request additional audits. Audits shall be conducted in accordance with standards as prescribed by council resolution. (Ord. 2009-031 § 2)"

City Code Section 2.18.050, Access to information, states "City departments, offices and employees shall provide the city auditor access to all sources of information, property, personnel relevant to the performance of an audit, unless restricted or prohibited by law. This section shall not apply to the office of any elected official, unless that elected official requested the audit, of that official's own office. (Ord. 2009-031 § 2)"

City Code Section 2.18.060, Non interference with city auditor, states "No person shall directly or indirectly coerce or attempt to coerce the city auditor relative to the city auditor's examinations, audits, or the appointment or removal of any employee which is made by the city auditor. (Ord. 2009-031 § 2)"