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Whistleblower Activity reports

In February 2012, the City Auditor published the Assessment for Establishing a Whistleblower Hotline. That report presented whistleblower hotline best practices, other cities’ whistleblower program information, estimated costs to establish a program for the City of Sacramento, and City employee survey results about potential fraud, waste, and abuse in Sacramento.

In March 2012, City Council directed the City Auditor to establish a Whistleblower Hotline Program to allow City employees and members of the public to report potential fraud, waste, and abuse without the fear of retaliation. In October 2012, the City Manager posted the City Policy related to the program "Policy: Whistleblower Protection AP-1002" and the City Auditor posted the "Whistleblower Hotline Procedures."

Below are the City Auditor's Whistleblower Hotline Activity Reports: