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Office of Violence Prevention

Sign up for City of Sacramento email & text updates.The Office of Violence Prevention was created to respond to increased gang activity in the City of Sacramento. There is a shared understanding among all partner agencies that “this is a problem we cannot arrest our way out of.”

Gangs are a community-wide problem thus requiring a community-wide response. The community was invited to participate in strategic planning sessions to determine the direction and content of the response needed.  There was an outpouring of support.


Vision Statement

The agreed Vision Statement is:

“Sacramento empowers community engagement and collaboration to
create collective impact in gang prevention and intervention"

Strategic Plan

The City of Sacramento’s Office of Violence Prevention is focusing on a coordinated, comprehensive effort to address gang violence.  The plan combines the latest research and best practices with an intentional focus on providing more prevention and intervention services to high-risk and gang-involved populations. 

The current strategic plan focuses on the following goals:

  • School Based & Justice Systems Approach
  • Community Empowerment
  • Workforce Readiness
  • Regional Accountability


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