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Why was a voluntary boil water advisory issued for my water?

A voluntary boil water advisory has been issued by the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities for the Pocket area, west of I-5 (see map on web site) as a precaution to protect consumers from drinking water that may have potentially harmful bacteria present.

Total coliform bacteria are routinely monitored across the City to ensure a safe water supply. Repeated samples at a location in the Pocket area indicated the presence of total coliform bacteria. A voluntary boil water advisory is being issued for this area until the cause can be investigated and remediated.

What is being done to address the potential contamination?

Additional water samples are being taken to find and eliminate potential sources. If any sources are identified, actions such as system repairs, flushing, and adding chlorine for a short period of time will be used to fix the issue.

What are coliform bacteria?

Coliforms are bacteria which are naturally present in the environment and are used as an indicator that other, potentially harmful bacteria may be present.

Was E. Coli found in the City of Sacramento water supply?

No. All samples that indicated the presence of total coliform indicated an absence of E. Coli.

What is the relationship between total coliform and E. Coli?

E. coli is a sub-group of the total coliform group. It is monitored along with total coliform because its presence in a drinking water sample almost always indicates recent fecal contamination, meaning there is a greater risk that pathogens are present. No presence of E. Coli was indicated.

How long will the boil water advisory continue?

Public notification will be given when the voluntary boil water advisory is rescinded.

What if I have already consumed the water?

The likelihood of becoming ill is low. However, illness is certainly possible, especially for people that have a chronic illness or may be immunocompromised. Seek medical advice as necessary.