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Media Release

City Clerk Statement Regarding Ongoing Petition Signature Verification Process

Sacramento, Calif  -  “It is anticipated that the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters will reach the 22,000 signature verification threshold today. In my role as the City’s Elections Official, I feel compelled to remind the community that simply reaching this threshold does not conclude the petition validation process.” – Shirley Concolino, City Clerk

As the Elections Official of the City of Sacramento, the City Clerk has the responsibility and sole authority to accept or reject petitions per the CA Election Code and the Sacramento City Charter. The City has contracted with Sacramento County to validate the petition signatures. The County is the City’s agent only for the purposes of signature validation. A valid petition signature is the signature of a registered voter living within the Sacramento City limits. In light of complexity of the petitions, a full count of the signatures was requested.

The County has until January 28th to complete the full count. No later than this date, the County will present the clerk with the signature verification findings. From that point, the City Clerk as the City’s Elections Official is required to confirm that all election code and city charter requirements have been met, and only then can the petition be deemed sufficient or insufficient. The final certification of the election lies with the City’s Elections Official, the City Clerk.


Wendy Klock-Johnson, Assistant City Clerk O:916 808-7509/M:916 616-8440