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Annual Reports FY2022

Annual reports filed with EMMA for activity during the 2022 Fiscal Year. Year ending June 30 (available on subsequent January 31st and March 31st as covenanted).


College Square CFD
Creamery CFD 2015-02
Curtis Park Village CFD 2014-02
Delta Shores CFD No. 2019-01 (IA2)
Development Fee Financing CFD 95-01, Series C
Greenbriar CFD 2018-03 (IA1) 
McKinley Village CFD 2015-04, Series 2020
Natomas Central CFD 2006-02, Series 2016
Natomas Meadows CFD 2007-01 (IA1)
Natomas Meadows CFD 2007-01 (IA2)
North Natomas CFD 4, Series E and F 
North Natomas CFD 97-01, Series 2015
North Natomas Westlake and Regency Park (2013 Special Tax Refunding)

Lease Revenue/Revenue

2006 Capital Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series B
2006 Capital Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series E
2013 Wastewater Revenue Bonds
2013 Water Revenue Bonds
2015 Refunding Revenue Bonds 
2015 Lease Revenue Bonds (Golden 1 Center) (Federally Taxable) 
2017 Water Revenue Bonds
2018 Transient Occupancy Tax Revenue Bonds
2019 Sacramento Tourism Infrastructure District Bonds
2019 Wastewater Revenue Bonds 
2020 Wastewater Revenue Refunding Bonds 
2020 Water Revenue Refunding Bonds

Redevelopment (as Successor Agency)

2003 Tax Allocation Revenue Bonds, Series A
2005 Tax Allocation Revenue Bonds, Series A
2015 Tax Allocation Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series A and B