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Running for Sacramento City CounCIL


Any member of the public who meets the requirements below may run for public office in the City of Sacramento. Candidates must:

  • Be at least eighteen years of age
  • Be a citizen of the United States and a resident of the State of California
  • Be a registered voter and a resident within the district the candidate seeks to represent for not less than 30 days preceding the date of filing candidate papers. The City Clerk shall confirm the voter registration will be verified before issuance of the official nomination petition.* For the 2024 election candidates may live anywhere in the City to run for Mayor; or must be residents of Council Districts 2, 4, 6, or 8.

*As a result of redistricting the boundaries of the City Council Districts have changed. If you are unsure what district you reside in, use our Find Your District tool. 

When is the next Municipal Election?

A municipal primary election will be held on March 5, 2024, for the offices of Council District 2, Council District 4, Council District 6, Council District 8, and Mayor. If needed, a run-off election will be held November 5, 2024. Councilmembers will be sworn into office at the last regularly scheduled meeting in December 2024.

Persons wishing to run for office for Council District 2, Council District 4, Council District 6, Council District 8, or Mayor will be able to file nomination petitions November 13, 2023 - December 8, 2023. The City Clerk shall not, according to California Election Code, issue or accept nomination petitions before or after the nomination period. 

2024 Election Calendar of Events

 Date Event

 Now – November 6, 2023

 Pre-Election Period – What candidates can do now prior to nomination period.

 November 6 – 10, 2023

 Voter registration confirmation and appointment scheduling.

 November 13 – December 8, 2023

 Candidate Nomination Period

 December 14, 2023

 Secretary of State to hold random alphabetized drawing for placement of names on the official ballot.

 January 8 – February 20, 2024

 Write-In Nomination Period

 March 5, 2024

 Election Day

 April 5, 2024

 Last day that the Sacramento County Voter Registrar may complete the official ballot canvass.

 November 5, 2024

 Run-Off election, if needed.

What candidates can do now prior to the nomination period?

The formal election process does not start until the opening of the nomination period on November 13, 2023, as stipulated by the California Election Code. People wishing to run for a seat on the Sacramento City Council can begin campaigning and fundraising prior to November 13. All fundraising efforts must comply with the campaign finance rules of the City of Sacramento and the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Candidates are strongly encouraged to thoroughly review the portions of the Sacramento City Code that pertain to campaigning and FPPC regulations to avoid violations that can result in financial penalties.

Sacramento City Charter and City Code

Fair Political Practices Commission

Visit the FPPC Website to ask questions or get advice pertaining to economic disclosures and campaign filings.

Voter registration confirmation and appointment scheduling.

Candidates can submit their voter registration confirmation form and schedule an appointment to pick up nomination paperwork. Check back here on November 6th for links to the required verification form and appointment scheduler.

Candidate Nomination Period

Candidates may schedule an appointment to pick up and drop off nomination petitions and other required election forms. Walk-in candidates are accepted; but may experience a delayed wait time as candidates with appointments will be assisted first. In accordance with State Law Nomination Petitions and related documents may not be distributed before or after the nomination period.

Last day that the Sacramento County Voter Registrar may complete the official ballot canvass.

Ballots for the City of Sacramento election are counted by the Sacramento County Voter Registrar’s Office. Typically, early results are available on their website by 9:00PM, on election day. Once the Registrar has completed the ballot canvass the final election results will be certified by the Sacramento City Council. If a candidate in any race secures the majority of votes cast, they will be deemed elected; and shall take office in December 2024. If no candidate secures a majority of votes, the two candidates with the highest number of votes received will run-off in the November election; and shall take office in December 2024.

Run-Off election, if needed. November 5, 2024 

In the event that a run-off election is held candidates will have an opportunity to change their ballot designation and submit a new candidate statement. An additional nomination petition is not required.


Need Assistance Or Have Questions?

We are happy to assist you. Please contact us via email at:, or by phone at (916) 808-7200.