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Filing an Ethics Complaint 

The Sacramento Ethics Commission (Commission) has the authority to investigate complaints of violations of laws related to campaign finance, lobbyist registration, public records, open meetings, and governmental ethics laws.

If you would like to submit a complaint that is within the Commission’s jurisdiction, please complete this form. A copy of this complaint will be made available to the persons identified in the allegations below; and may be subject to disclosure at the conclusion of the investigation. For more information about the Commission’s complaint process, see the Commission’s Complaint Procedures.

FORMAL Complaint

A formal complaint requires that you complete all of the information on this form, including your contact information, and signature verifying under penalty of perjury the information you provide in this complaint. Commission staff will review the complaint, present recommendations to the Commission, and notify the complainant about the Commission’s final action. If you would like to file a sworn complaint, please use the form here.

Anonymous Complaint

An anonymous Complaint is a complaint that does not identify the complainant. Commission staff will review the complaint and present recommendations to the Commission. If you would like to file an anonymous complaint, please use the form here.


In the interest of public accountability and being responsible stewards of public funds, the City has established an enhanced whistleblower hotline.  The hotline protects the anonymity of those leaving tips to the extent permitted by law.

The toll free number and web portal is being launched by the City Auditor's Office through an independent reporting service.  The service is available 24/7/365 days per year.  Through this service, all phone calls and e-mails will be received anonymously by third party staff.

 Link to whistleblower hotline

Report Online 

Call Toll-Free:  888-245-8859


We are happy to assist you. Please contact us via email at:, or by phone at (916) 808-7200.