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Sunshine Ordinance-Transparent Government and Public Engagement

The City of Sacramento Sunshine Ordinance (Chapter 4.04 of the Sacramento City Code) is intended to enhance the public’s ability to participate in the City’s decision-making process and have access to public information and records. Topics included are:

  • Minimum Posting of Council Agenda Materials (4.04.020)
  • Records of City Council Actions (4.04.030)
  • Ad Hoc Committees (4.04.040)
  • Public Records Access (4.04.050)
  • Website Publication of City Information (4.04.060)
  • Policy training (4.04.070)
  • Reporting of Behests (4.04.080)
  • Use of City Resources for Conducting City Business (4.04.090)
  • Annual Review of Sunshine Ordinance and Policies (4.04.100)

Violations may be reported to the Office of Compliance via the City’s Whistleblower Hotline for investigation and appropriate action.

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