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Ann Land and Bertha Henschel Memorial Fund 2020 Grant Guidelines

The City of Sacramento’s Ann Land and Bertha Henschel Memorial Fund Commission invites you to apply for grant monies from the Ann Land and Bertha Henschel Memorial Fund.

Online Application Available: Monday, September 30, 2019
Online Application Closes: Monday, October 28, 2019, at 5 PM


Janelle Oishi, Program Specialist
(916) 808-1016


The purpose of the Ann Land and Bertha Henschel Memorial Fund is to assist the destitute men, women, and children of the City of Sacramento.


The Ann Land Memorial Fund was established in 1914 with a bequest of $200,000 to the City by former Mayor William Land as a memorial to his mother, Ann Land. In 1952, Bertha Henschel bequeathed $275,000 to the City to establish a fund in her name. Additional contributions to these funds have been made by Emma Hotfilter, Annie Zacariah, and Warren Reed. Each year, interest earnings on these bequests and contributions may be distributed to non-profit organizations. The Sacramento City Council appoints community members to the Ann Land and Bertha Henschel Memorial Fund Commission to review grant applications and award grants to qualified non-profit organizations.

Funds Available

For 2019, the Ann Land and Bertha Henschel Memorial Fund Commission has approximately $150,000 in funds to distribute to organizations that provide “direct aid and assistance to the destitute men, women, and children of the City of Sacramento.” Funds are limited, and demand is high. On average, the Commission awards between 12 to 20 grants annually.

Last year’s average award was $6,000. The Commission anticipates an increase in applications this year, so the average award may be lower.


Only non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations that have an office or facility within the City of Sacramento and serve destitute residents of the City are eligible to apply.

Required Online Application Attachments

  • The names of the members of your organization’s board of directors and of your organization’s officers.
  • An organizational chart or description of your organization’s management structure.
  • Verification of your organization’s not-for-profit status (letter from IRS confirming § 501(c)(3) status).
  • Verification that your organization (1) is currently registered and in good standing with the Registry of Charitable Trusts maintained by the California Attorney General or (2) is not required to register.
  • A copy of your organization’s current business license or a letter from the City of Sacramento Finance Department verifying your organization’s exemption from the City’s business-operations tax. The Sacramento City Code requires that anyone conducting business within the City of Sacramento have a current business license on file with the City. The City issues nonprofit organizations a waiver letter in lieu of a business license. A waiver letter can be obtained at the Revenue Counter in New City Hall, First Floor, Room 1214. Indicate your organization’s non-profit status on the application form. There is no charge for nonprofit organizations.
  • A copy of your organization’s most recent audit and any corrective actions or recommendations suggested by the auditor. If you do not have an annual audit, please explain why. You must also provide a copy of your organization’s most-recent annual financial statements, signed by your organization’s treasurer AND by the preparer, whether a CPA or bookkeeper.
  • A budget sheet showing how awarded funds will be spent.


Read all instructions thoroughly and complete the application carefully. An application will be disqualified if it is incomplete or if it does not include all required materials.

Your failure to attend the Commission’s annual funding meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, in the Council Chambers, New City Hall, 915 I Street, First Floor, Sacramento, will result in disqualification even if you have previously been funded.

Date Funds Available

Grant funds are expected to be available to successful applicants on or after January 1, 2020. The Ann Land and Bertha Henschel Memorial Fund Commission will make its allocations at its annual funding meeting on November 13, 2019. Written notification of the Commission’s decision will be emailed to all applicants on or about December 9, 2019. Successful applicants must enter into a funding agreement with the Commission as a condition for receiving funds.

Public Documents

All applications submitted to the City become public documents and are available to the public for review once included in the agenda packet for the Commission’s meeting on November 13. If you believe that all or part of your application should be kept confidential, please notify the Commission’s staff.

Authorized Uses

Grant funds may be used only to carry out activities that benefit, aid, and assist the destitute men, women, and children of the City. A grantee may not use the funds to defray its administrative expenses, overhead, or unanticipated expenses. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Commission. A grantee may only expend these funds during the term of the funding agreement.

Other Important Notes

Grants are awarded for only one year. Approval of a grant this year in no way implies that funding will be awarded in subsequent years.
Grant funds must be used for the purposes specified in the grant application. Grant funds are intended to address homelessness within the City and to provide shelter, support, food, clothing, and assistance to the destitute men, women, and children of the City.
Grantees are required to submit semi-annual reports to the Commission, and the failure to do so will disqualify a grantee from participating in the next funding cycle for which the grantee would otherwise be eligible.

For More Information

For more information please contact Janelle Oishi, Support Staff to the Ann Land and Bertha Henschel Memorial Fund Commission:

Phone: (916) 808-1016