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Sacramento Environmental commission

The commission shall: (1) Provide information and analysis to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and the City Councils of Sacramento, Galt, Folsom and Isleton for the purpose of implementing an effective environmental protection and management program for Sacramento County; (2) Assist and advise in formulation and implementation of programs including air water quality, environmental quality control, and hazardous and toxic material issues; (3) Recommend appropriate measures and other action in accordance with federal, state and local regulations including program elements; (4) Review and recommend ordinances, rules and regulations proposed by the environmental management department of the county; (5) Initiate investigations regarding matters within the power and duties of the commission, including private and public activities; (6) May act as the reviewing body concerning decisions rendered by the county in its role as environmental enforcement agency; (7) Provide ongoing policy and program advice on programs; (8) Call before it qualified individuals to provide opinions and recommendations to the commission regarding particular environmental issues in the absence of expertise within the membership of the commission.

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