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Rex and Doris Doggie Day Out

Be a superhero and save a dog!


Have you ever wanted to do something so amazing that it would make your heart burst? Well, now  you can! The Front Street Animal Shelter has a new program called Doggy Day Out. It’s fun, easy, free and hip! All you have to do is "borrow" one of our shelter dogs and go on an outing, maybe a quick run, perhaps a lunch date or even a sleepover!


Doggy Day Out helps shelter dogs that might be experiencing stress in the shelter. It’s a great way to burn off energy, get more exposure to possible adopters and heck, who knows, you might make new friends while you’re out there! All you have to do is take pictures, maybe a quick video and tell us what you learned about the dog while you were out. Rex Dog Car Ride



Available Dogs Doggy Day Out Program



Doggie Day Out Doggie Day Out


Schedule your Doggy Day Out appointment now


Questions? Contact our Dog Foster & Rescue Coordinator, Lori Rhoades, at


After you have scheduled an appointment, please download and fill out the forms listed below and bring the completed forms with you when you pick up your new friend at the shelter.

Doggie Day Out Agreement Foster Care
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Foster Care


Doggie Day Out Doggie Day Out