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RESOURCE GUIDE FOR STRAY cats, FERAL cats, & owned cats



(Effective:  August 23, 2018)


Cat population in our shelter has reached a critical number. Currently, we are only able to accept sick, injured and under-age cats (under 8 weeks old & less than 2 pounds).  If you are willing to help us by fostering, we are happy to provide training, supplies and medical care until they are old enough to go up for adoption.  We cannot save them without help from people just like you.

If you are a feral-cat trapper, we are not able to provide TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) services. We recommend utilizing the TNR services at the Sacramento SPCA and the Free Feral Sunday Clinics. To reserve one or more spots at one of these clinics, you may e-mail or you may leave a message at 916-504-2818. Unfortunately, if you are unable to schedule an appointment, we recommend releasing the cat at the trapping location and we will resume our routine services when the cat population in the shelter becomes more manageable. We are happy to provide vouchers, so simply call our spay/neuter hotline at 916-808-7383. Also, the Coalition for Community Cats ( is another wonderful resource.

If you find a friendly, healthy cat, please keep in mind that it most likely has a home nearby. Cats don’t roam very far from home. Check with your neighbors if you have concerns for the animal. It is always best to knock on doors versus bringing the cat to our shelter, which, again, reduces the chances for the cat to get home where the cat belongs.

We apologize for any inconvenience. However, when there is no housing left for cats in our facility, we are forced to euthanize perfectly good animals, and no one wants us to do that. Please be patient with us and we appreciate your support and understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Bobby Mann at

Thank you,
Bobby Mann
Communications and Customer Service Manager





Flow Chart Stray Kittens What To Do Alleycat Organization


If you find stray kittens and wish to surrender them to the shelter, we would greatly appreciate it if they are brought to the shelter’s Reception Center BEFORE 4:00 pm (Wednesday through Sunday).

Bringing the kittens to the shelter earlier in the day helps to ensure that the shelter’s staff has enough time to process the stray kittens AND to contact appropriate foster care providers who can provide short-term support for the kittens in their homes. We do not have staff 24/7 and underage kittens cannot be left alone in the shelter overnight.

If it is AFTER 4:00 pm, we ask that you care for them in your home (Basic Kitten Care and Support) until the next day. Support in this area truly is lifesaving. The Reception Center opens at 9:00 am (Wednesday through Sunday).



Feral cats can be fixed at the Sacramento SPCA on Sundays for FREE. To make an appointment, you may email or leave a message at (916) 504-2818. For more info on this program, go to



If you own a cat that you wish to surrender, please contact the Sacramento SPCA at (916) 504-2851. An appointment is required, and there is a fee for surrendering your cat. For more info, go to



Coalition for Community Cats –

Sacramento Feral Resources –

Alley Cat Allies –



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