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2127 Front Street    Sacramento 95818

Wed - Fri  12:00 pm - 5:30 pm     Sat - Sun  12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Closed on Monday, Tuesday & holidays


Our online listing of stray animals is updated every hour. Please note that there are occasions when our website may go offline or may not be updated due to maintenance or technical glitches. To verify when an animal's listing was last updated, click on the animal's thumbnail image and read the description to the right of the larger photo. If it reads, "This information is 1 hour old," this means that the website was updated an hour ago. This does NOT mean that the animal arrived an hour ago.

If you are looking for your lost pet, do NOT completely rely on our website. The online listing is simply one tool to assist you if you are unable to visit our shelter on a specific day. Otherwise, you will need to come to the shelter as often as possible, preferably every day but definitely at least once every 3 days. It is the owner's responsibility to visit the local shelters and check for a lost pet.

The online listing only displays LIVE animals that were either picked up by one of our animal control officers or brought to the shelter by concerned citizens. Deceased animals are NOT shown on the website but are listed in a binder located at the shelter's front lobby.


Stray Dogs Front Street Animal Shelter Stray Cats Front Street Animal Shelter Other Stray Animals Front Street Animal Shelter


View the animals that have been reported to our shelter by their owners as "MISSING"
(NOTE: These animals are NOT at the shelter)

Dogs Reported Missing By Owners Cats Reported Missing By Owners Other Animals Reported Missing By Owners


View the animals that have been reported to our shelter by citizens as "FOUND"
(NOTE: These animals are NOT at the shelter and are being kept in the citizens' homes)

Dogs Found By The Public Cats Found By the Public Other Animals Found By The Public



The shelter will hold onto an animal for a minimum of 3 days in order to give an owner the opportunity to look for his/her lost pet. The hold is extended if an animal has a microchip or if an animal is wearing a license tag, a rabies tag, and/or a personalized tag. If we receive information that the owner has been incarcerated or hospitalized, we will extend the hold in those situations as well. Once the holding period has ended, an animal may be placed for adoption, transferred to another shelter or rescue group, or be placed in the shelter's foster care system. An animal may be euthanized immediately if the animal is suffering from a serious medical condition or injury and/or is not responding to treatment. Also, if an animal does not pass the behavior evaluation, the animal may be euthanized.

While the our website listing of animals is updated/refreshed hourly, we still want you to come to the shelter in person and check if your lost pet is here. For example, our website photos may not look exactly like your animal due to the lighting or the angle of the photo, and the description that we have provided for an animal may not match your own. Or, our website may go down due to maintenance or technical glitches. For those reasons, you should only use this website as a tool in searching for your lost pet. When you come to the shelter, please make sure to check in at the front counter, where we will guide you through the process and escort you through the kennels.

You may file a report of your lost pet(s) by clicking the link below. At the end of the online report, you will be given the option to upload a photo of your pet(s). Your online report will be sent electronically to the Front Street Animal Shelter, and we will enter the information into our records so that we may contact you if we are able to locate your missing pet. However, please be aware that the shelter is NOT responsible for looking for your lost pet and that it is the owner's responsibility to actively search for a lost pet, including visiting all of the local shelters.


You may also want to check with other local animal control agencies in the area, and we encourage you to check online resources, such as Nextdoor, Craigslist, and Facebook groups. To assist you in your search, go to our Lost & Found Resources page. 




Please click on the link below to report an animal(s) that you have found and intend to hold onto at your home. At the end of the online report, you will be given the option to upload a photo of the animal(s). Make sure to take the photo in landscape (not portrait) mode and to include the full body of the animal under adequate lighting. Your online report will be sent electronically to the Front Street Animal Shelter, and we will enter the information into our records so that we may contact you if we find a potential owner.


If you wish to have the animal scanned for a microchip, you may bring the animal to the shelter during business hours and have us scan the animal for free.

The Sacramento Bee offers to place free advertisements for found animals. To place an ad, call (916) 321-1234 or toll-free (800) 876-8700.


Finding Rover

Keep your dog safe with Finding Rover, the revolutionary facial recognition app that scans the unique features of your dog’s face and keeps it on file in case your dog ever gets lost. The app is free to register on your iPhone, Android devices, and on the Web. When your dog is lost, you can report your lost dog in the app and Finding Rover can alert a network of partners, such as dog organizations, nearby members, and social media outlets. And if you see a lost dog, you can report it by snapping a photo of the dog and uploading it into the app. The app is able to do a facial recognition search in its database. If there’s a match, the owner’s contact info pops up. For more details, check out Finding Rover.


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