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Why License

If you are anything like us, pets are family. Getting a license is a loving thing to do. Not only will a license help your pet get home if they become lost, but it also helps all of the other animals in our community. The money collected by our licensing program helps to make sure that pets who might be injured out on our streets receive prompt and proper treatment. If you love your pet, you should license your pet. If you love animals in general, you will support our license for love campaign. It takes a community to care for them all.

If you license your pet, you also:

  • Greatly increase the chances that you will get your pet back if they become lost.
  • Don’t say, “my pet will never get out”, if that were true, we would not get 10,000 animals into our shelter each year.
  • A license can help the person who finds your pet find you.
  • A license is connected to rabies vaccines. Make sure you have that, too. Rabies is a killer and it is real.
  • Licensing helps fund the Front Street Animal Shelter. If you love animals, you will license your pet. Lost and abandoned animals in Sacramento benefit from the licensing program.
  • Licensing provides much needed funds to our low cost or free spay and neuter program. Not everyone can afford this, but working together we can make it happen.
  • Licensing your pet is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your pet in case he or she becomes lost.

Animals in our shelter all belong to someone. Unfortunately, most enter the shelter without a license, microchip or ID tag. Don’t be that person. Let’s work toward being a community that truly cares for our animals.

The truth:

More pets licensed = more pets reunited with owners = fewer pets in shelters = fewer pets euthanized.

What do we do with the money?

Licensing fees help us stay in business and serve the animals that need it most. Licensing fees make it possible for us to respond to the sick, abandoned and injured animals in our community. There are lots of animals that need our help. Buying a license for your pet helps so many others. If you love animals, you will license your pet. Funding from our licensing program makes it possible for us to take care of the ones that really need help. Please be part of the solution, license your pet today.

Would you like a free ride home?

Our commitment to you and your pet! If we find your pet and it’s wearing a license tag, we will give it a free ride home. Animal Control Officers love dropping off pets instead of bringing them to the shelter. Together we can make a big difference!