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average total permit cost for common residential minor permits

                Electrical Panel
                                Change-out or Replacement            $95.00
                Electrical Circuit
                                Adding or Repairing            $95.00 
                Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning system (HVAC)   
                                Change-out or New Unit          $225.00
                Gas Line
                                Repair or Replacement            $95.00 
                Kitchen Remodel
                                Non-Structural or Floor Plan Altering          $365.00
                Bathroom Remodel
                                Non-Structural or Floor Plan Altering          $325.00
                Pre-Engineered Patio Cover          $315.00
                                Whole or Partial Dwelling            $95.00 
                                Whole or Partial Dwelling            $95.00 
                Re-Roof           $225.00
                Sewer Service
                                Repair or Replace            $95.00
                Water Service
                                Repair or Replace            $95.00 
                Water Heater (non-solar)  
                                New installation, replacement or move                $95.00