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Accelerated Minor Permit Program

The Accelerated Minor Permit Program (AMMP) allows licensed contractors the ability to immediately purchase permits for specific minor installations and repairs. The cost savings of purchasing permits in bulk is estimated to be up to 75 percent.

The program will allow licensed contractors to immediately purchase permits, in groups of five, for specific minor installations and repairs, at a reduced cost. As part of the program, City staff will randomly inspect one installation per grouping, to make certain work performed is done correctly. By providing this service, the City hopes to encourage contractors and residents to obtain a building permit for a variety of minor permits.

Requirements to be part of program

  • Must be a contractor.
  • Take required training on code-approved installations
  • Contractor must
    • have an active C-36 Contractor’s license, and current liability insurance
    • must certify, in writing, that all installations finished under the program were completed in compliance with the training and all adopted codes
    • must demonstrate consistent compliance with the AMPP requirements, policies and training course
    • not do any work outside the scope of their license

Next training?


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