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Natomas Basin Information

  • All permits issued for new construction and substantial improvement will need to have a Hold Harmless Agreement on File (Form CDD-0315)
  • The fees for the construction of new Single Family Residences in the Natomas Basin have been approximated and can be downloaded here. These estimates are based on four different square footages and are intended to be used as a guide only
  • For the construction of subdivisions, builders have the option to submit their Master Plans (MP’s) electronically. Visit the Electronic Plan Check (EPC) page to obtain detailed information on submittal requirements for Residential Electronic Plan Check. EPC allows for more efficient review and processing of these plans. Should you have questions regarding these requirements, please, email  
  • Master Plan approvals (MP’s) that were approved prior to FEMA’s reclassification of the Natomas Basin to AE designation (circa 2008), will need to be reviewed for compliance with current building codes (i.e. submitted for plan review).
  • All construction, plans and fees will need to be consistent with current standards, codes, ordinances and rates on any new construction and on lots where construction was commenced but not completed.
  • Expedited plan review for Master Plans (MP’s) is not available at this time.
  • Should you have any further questions regarding the building permit application process, please email or call (916)808-5838.


Prior to submitting to the Building Division, you must obtain a Planning Referral (PR) sheet for each Master Plan. You may obtain them  by visiting our public counter or by emailing

Below is a list of required submittal items for Building:

  • Approved PR Sheet for Each Plan Type
  • One (1) Completed Building Permit Application (Form CDD-0200) for each Plan Type.
  • Four (4) complete sets of plans which include the following:
    • A floor plan
    • Foundation plan
    • Floor and roof framing plan
    • Elevations
    • Section Details
    • Specific Detail Plan (required when “0” lot line, for half-plex or duplex construction)
  • Two (2) copies each of the following:
    • Geotechnical Report
    • Title 24 Reports (this should be incorporated into the plans)
    • Structural Calculations
    • Truss Calculations
    • Fire Sprinkler plans and hydraulic calculations for each model
A Master Plan Intake Checklist may assist in preparing the submittal package.

You may also visit our Permits page for additional information.