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Plan Review Information

Natomas Basin

After Planning Division approval, residential and commercial plans may be submitted to the Building Division for plan review. All plans submitted for review must meet the codes in effect at the date of permit application.

The following list is a guideline for plan review submittal:

  • Plans submitted for new Group R-3 dwelling units will require minimum NFPA 13D fire sprinklers.  
  • A current soils report (dated within the last three years from the date of submittal) will be required for sub-divisions. 
  • Existing slabs and foundation system, proposed for use, shall be certified by the Engineer of Record (EOR).  The EOR shall submit a letter to the City of Sacramento stating the following: 
    1. The existing foundation system is structurally capable to withstand the proposed structure.
    2. The current soil conditions are consistent with the original design assumptions and no additional revisions are required to the existing foundation system.
  • All plans submitted for review must indicate the fire separation distance of the existing slab to adjacent lot lines.
  • Master Plans that have been approved by other California jurisdictions, where there are no changes/revisions proposed to those plans, may (at the discretion of the plan reviewer) qualify for a less extensive review.  Items needed at submittal are:
    1. A letter from the jurisdiction stating that they have reviewed and approved the Master Plan being submitted.  It should state that plans were approved under the current code cycle.
    2. Energy calculations designed for climate zone 12.
    3. Structural calculations with design parameters for the geographic area where the work is proposed (seismic design category, wind speed, etc.)
    4. Truss calculations.
    5. A soils report from a Geo-Technical engineer for the area where the work is proposed.  (The structural system, as shown on the plans, shall meet the recommendations contained within the soils report).
    6. The minimum fire separation distance required for every elevation at all models shall be shown on the plans.
    7. If 20 or more single family dwellings are proposed; details for compliance with Sacramento City Code 15.154, the Universal Design Ordinance.
    8. If a fireplace is proposed (other than a gas appliance), include details for compliance with Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District requirements.
    9. The forms CDD-0180 and CDD-0183 (Residential VOC Limits, and Mandatory Measures Checklist) shall be incorporated into the plans.
    10. Include a stamped/wet signed copy of the original plans (stamped/signed by the Engineer of Record, the Architect and the AHJ).  The original approved plans shall be in the current code cycle (code updates will require a full review).
    11. At submittal, the plans will be routed to all other applicable departments, as needed (Utilities, Fire, Development Engineering, Planning, etc.)

Plan Review contacts:

Residential Plan Review:
Stephanie Samuels, BI II
Phone: (916)808-8962 

Commercial Plan Review:
Jay Griffin, BI III 
Phone: (916)808-1047