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Unmanned Aircraft System Inspection Program 

The Community Development Department is continuously exploring new ways to use technology to better serve our community.  The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Inspection Program, also known as a drone, is an example of this commitment. This program will help our department meet the needs of our growing city while keeping our inspectors safely on the ground. Initially the drone will be used for solar panel inspections. 

CDD has thoughtfully developed this program with resident’s safety and privacy in mind.

  • All of CDD’s drone operators hold a FAA Remote Pilot Certificate.
  • All flights are flown in compliance with FAA regulations.
  • When inspecting a building, the drone will not be recording.  Inspectors will only take still photos of a portion of a building when a correction is needed.
  • CDD inspection flights are tracked and logged to ensure transparency. 


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