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Minor Permits

A minor permit is a permit for which no construction plans are required.  All review for code compliance is performed in the field.

The following scopes of work are considered minor permits:

  • Residential and Commercial Water Heaters 
  • Residential Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) - One and two family dwelling units only
  • Residential and Commercial Re-Roofs
  • Residential Electrical Minor Work:
  • Main and sub service panels 
  • Rewire work 
  • Whole house fans 
  • Ceiling fans
  • New electrical circuit 
  • Residential Plumbing Minor Work
    • Sewer repair and replacement
    • Re-plumbing of supply and drainage piping 
    • Fixture replacement 
  • Residential Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels (non-structural)


If you are a California licensed contractor, it is possible to acquire and pay for minor permits online through the web-based Citizen Portal. Visit our Online Permitting page for more information.


Building permits for residential kitchen and bathroom remodels not involving structural (adding, moving, removing, altering a wall, window or door) alteration must be submitted by emailing

Remodels involving structural alteration require plan review which may be submitted through our Citizen Portal by creating a Planning Application Submittal and selecting a Building Submittal Clearance and Residential Remodel option. For more information visit our Online Electronic Plan Check (EPC) Submission page.


Find the average total permit cost for common residential minor permits here.


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