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Project Management Services  

Click on this link to email our Project Management team  Link to Information on how to request a building permit fee estimate

Link to information on phased building permits Link to information on Production Home Builder Liaisons

The Community Development Department offers Project Managers to provide customer focused service for the development of projects valued at $1 million or more in the City of Sacramento. The Project Manager is the central point of contact for the customer and is responsible for leading a development project from inception to occupancy to ensure that quality service is provided. A Project Manager delivers customer value which includes but is not limited to:

  • Issue resolution
  • Reduction in process uncertainty
  • Coordination with other City departments and special interest groups
  • Enhance plan review and construction schedule predictability
  • Minimize cost as a result of project troubleshooting
  • Pre-construction application meeting


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit a hardcopy building application and construction plans assigned to a Project Manager?

NO. All projects assigned to a Project Manager shall be submitted electronically.  A Project Manager assigned to your project can assist with the submittal.

Can I request a Project Manager prepare a Preliminary Fee Estimate?

YES. For projects with valuation of $1 million and over. All Preliminary Fee Estimate requests shall be forwarded to Preliminary Fee Estimate unless a Project Manager has been pre-assigned to the project. Preliminary Fee Estimates valued $1 million or more cost $492 per building and takes approximately 8-10 business days to complete.  The fee is due prior to release of the estimate.

Can I ask a Project Manager to coordinate and facilitate a pre-application, pre-submittal or pre-construction meeting?

YES, provided the project valuation is $1 million or greater and has been pre-assigned to a Project Manager.  Draft plans and questions related to building processing, requirements, and code interpretation shall be provided in advance of the scheduled meeting.  Projects less than $1 million can be addressed by Permit Services staff.

Can a Project Manager establish Building Plan Review timelines?

NO. Plan Review timelines are based on project type and valuation. An Expedited Plan Review Request form can be requested and submitted with the application if assigned to a Project Manager.

Can I submit my off-site improvement plans to a Project Manager?

NO. Off-site improvement plans shall be submitted as soon as possible to the Public Works Department.

How does off-site improvement work affect by building plan review process and timing?

A permit is required to perform any work within the public right-of-way (usually a sidewalk, street, alley or easement) or to use portions of a street for exclusive purposes per the City Code.

Generally, the conditions of approval for the project will indicate if off-site improvements are necessary. Depending on the scope of work, the required off-site improvements may require a minor encroachment permit or a major encroachment permit. Building projects submitted for building plan review on or after February 12th, 2021 which also require any off-site improvements must submit an Encroachment Permit to Development Engineering no later than by the cycle 2 review of the building plan check resubmittal to continue with building plan review. Email for any questions regarding the Encroachment Permit process which aren’t covered on the City web page.

When should I submit off-site improvement plans when a Project Manager is assigned?

Off-site improvement plans shall be submitted as soon as possible but no later than by cycle 2 building plan review to Public Works.

Additional Resources

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Our Project Management Brochure provides a quick reference guide to the city’s services the Project Management team provides. 


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