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Code Enforcement Division Contacts


Carl Simpson  Code and Housing Enforcement Chief

(916) 808-8183

Neighborhood Code/ Business Compliance/ Graffiti/ Weed Abatement

  Jose Mendez Code Enforcement Manager 

(916) 808-5947


 Code Liaison

 Jacqueline Mendoza   Code Liaison

(916) 808-2633


 Business Compliance

 Ricardo Vargas  Senior Code Officer

(916) 808-7976


 Graffiti Abatement/ Weed Abatement

 Noel Eusebio  Senior Code Officer

(916) 808-3951

Housing & Dangerous Buildings/ Rental housing inspection program


 Housing & Dangerous Buildings

 Elia Kentera  Supervising Building Inspector

(916) 808-6495

 RRichard Leiker  Supervising Building Inspector

(916) 808-7174


 Rental Housing Inspection Program (RHIP)

 Willie Harris  Supervising Building Inspector

(916) 808-8184

 Denise Divis  Program Specialist

(916) 808-5509

 Morgan Anderson  Program Analyst

(916) 808-8906

Entertainment Permit Program/Code Admin Support/Appeals and Hearings

 Tina Lee-Vogt  Program Manager

(916) 808-2679


 Code Admin Support/Appeals and Hearings

 Anitra Bibbs

 Customer Service Supervisor

(916) 808-8149