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Online Workshop Has Ended

On November 5, the public comment period ended, however, you can still review the workshop boards as well as comments that others have shared. Thank you to everyone who provided comments! Staff is in the process of reviewing the comments received and are preparing to bring a revised approach to City Council on November 28.

The MMH Attainability + Livability Analysis is now available for your reading!
This report discusses key regulatory considerations for implementation, the attainability of different MMH types, and characteristics that contribute to the livability of MMH.

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Past Events and Meetings

November 28 | City Council | 5PM:
2040 General Plan Update:
Revised Missing Middle Housing (MMH) & Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Approach

October 24 | City Council: Preliminary Recommendations

October 19 | Webinar 2 - How could MMH provide lower-cost housing and promote homeownership opportunities?
Watch the recording!
View presentation 

October 12 | Planning & Design Commission: Preliminary Recommendations

October 5 | Webinar 1 - What could MMH look like in Sacramento?
Watch the recording!
View presentation

October 4 | Connecting the Dots: A MMH Conversation Flyer








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Your valuable feedback will help to inform this study's final recommendations. These zoning and design standard recommendations will help shape the built outcomes of this important MMH strategy.


The MMH study is a two-phase project that combines community engagement with technical, data-driven analysis to formulate context-sensitive recommendations for re-allowing MMH citywide. The following 4 reports will be produced as part of this process:

  1. MMH Informational Report
  2. MMH Attainability + Livability Analysis
  3. Displacement Risk Assessment (in progress)
  4. MMH Zoning and Design Recommendations

After the study concludes, the City will begin to implement the recommendations to encourage and facilitate local development of Missing Middle Housing in Sacramento.

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Missing Middle Housing (MMH) is a range of small multi-unit housing types that are similar in scale to a single-family house and are often found in walkable areas. This study focuses on duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, ADUs, and bungalow courts.

MMH types are "middle" in form and scale between that of small single-family houses and larger apartment buildings, enabling them to blend into existing residential neighborhoods. With smaller units, MMH can provide housing at price points attainable to many middle-income households. For more information, refer to the Missing Middle Housing Informational Report. 

Desired Outcome

  • A place-based, community-vetted MMH strategy that enables housing diversity and attainability
  • A process that empowers residents to invest in their community through neighborhood-scale projects that can create generational wealth while providing housing
  • Increased reliance on local investors and builders to provide much-needed housing
  • Zoning & design standard recommendations and MMH options tailored for Sacramento

Picture of land park triplex