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In 2018 the City will begin to undertake a 5-Year update of its General Plan.  


What is a General Plan?

The General Plan is the City’s blueprint for how and where the City will grow over the next 20 years.  It will affect everything from transportation, to the type of homes available, to jobs, entertainment, a climate action plan, safety and much more. 

We will also be discussing environmental justice and identifying ways to reduce the health risks in disadvantaged communities through:

  • The reduction of pollution exposure, and    
  • The promotion of food access, safe homes, and physical activity      


 Key Changes


  1. Update the MEIR (best practice is every five years.)

  2. Adopt an element and/or policies to address social equity, environmental justice, and community resilience (SB 1000)        

  3. Update to the Climate Action Plan (per SB 375)

  4.  Community Plan Updates

  5. Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) as a metric to measure traffic impacts (per SB 743)

  6. Grid 3.0 - Citywide

  7. Identify Transit Oriented Development (TOD) policies and implementation measures

  8. Take steps to have the City designated as an AARP Age-Friendly Community.

  9. Accommodate the new SACOG growth allocation

  10. Address climate change, adaptation, and resiliency (SB 379)



  • Adjustments to heights, densities, and floor area ratio  
  • Identify Transit Oriented Development (TOD) policies and implementation measures
  • Update water needs/capacity
  • Address Natomas Joint Vision Policy
  • Adopt policies for tribal consultation (AB 52)
  • Incorporate a plan to address annexation of disadvantaged communities (SB 244)


How long will the entire update process take?

The entire update process will take about 2 years (mid 2018 to early 2020) to allow ample time for public involvement and environmental review of the General Plan Update.


How can I provide the input on the proposed scope of work?

Contact Remi Mendoza at the City, (916) 808-5003 or