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Citizen's planning Academy

2017 Citizen's Planning Academy walking tour by Golden 1 center 

The Citizen’s Planning Academy is an eleven-class course designed to educate and engage residents, business and community leaders in the City’s planning process and how planning shapes our community. The course objective is to assist participants in becoming more effective and informed advocates in future City of Sacramento planning efforts, and to encourage positive engagement in the planning process.

Sessions are designed to include discussion, presentations, Q&A, interactive group exercises, and field trips. Presenters/speakers include City staff, local architects and planning professionals, elected officials, and building industry leaders.

Classes cover a broad spectrum of planning topics and issues, including:

  • The basic tools used by Sacramento City planners
  • How development projects are reviewed
  • A range of current planning topics and issues

The Citizen’s Planning Academy will give participants the information needed to:

  • Participate in future City of Sacramento planning efforts
  • Identify elements of successful development projects
  • Identify the regional benefits and impacts associated with smart growth development versus urban sprawl
  • Educate other community members about effective engagement in the planning process

Except for two Saturday tours, classes will take place on Monday evenings.  The course culminates in a graduation before the Sacramento City Council.

The application period for the Spring 2018 session is now closed.

Planning Academy Application


3/5/18:   Overview/Planning 101/Smart Growth Overview 
3/12/18:   Regional Planning and the General Plan

  General Plan Presentation / SACOG Presentation
3/19/18: Planning and Development Code

4/2/18:   Affordable Housing

4/9/18: Historic Preservation and CEQA

4/16/18: The Development Review Process in the Real World 

4/21/18: Bus Tour (Saturday)

4/23/18:  Smart Growth
4/28/18:  Central City Walking Tour (Saturday)

4/30/18:   Transportation Planning
5/7/18:  Climate Change and Adaptation
5/14/18:  Planning for Economic Development
5/21/18:  Panel Discussion-Smart Growth and Citizen Involvement

5/22/18:  Graduation - Reception



Helen Selph, Associate Planner
(916) 808-7852

Marco Gonzalez, Assistant Planner
(916) 808-2027 


2017 Citizen's Planning Academy