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Beekeeping Regulations

Beekeeping regulations can be found in Section 9.44.330 of the Sacramento City Code.  Unless the property is zoned “A” or “A-OS”, no more than two beehives per parcel are allowed.

Best Practices for Beekeeping                                                                             

Beekeeper’s associations generally recommend the following measures to minimize conflicts with neighbors.  The primary goal is to avoid the bee colony’s flight path, which is concentrated within the first ten feet from the colony’s entrance:

  • Hives should be placed in a quiet area and not directly against a neighboring property unless a solid fence or dense plant barrier of six feet or higher forms the property boundary.
  • Where there is no fence or flyway barrier, orient the entrance to the hive away from the entrances and walkways, and toward the most distant property line.
  • Maintain a clear flight path at least ten feet from the hive entrance.