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Rendering photo of Sacramento railyards

Project Overview

Once serving as the western terminus of the 1860s Transcontinental Railroad, today the Railyards is one of the nation’s largest infill redevelopment projects. Located just north of Downtown and South of the River District, the historic 244-acre former Union Pacific site will integrate the area into the existing Central City. The Railyards project will connect with Sacramento’s downtown office, retail, tourism, residential, and government centers to essentially double the size of Downtown Sacramento. The Railyards project is entitled for dense urban residential neighborhoods, a historic museum, a shopping and market district, a regional intermodal transit station, a county courthouse, a medical campus, a soccer stadium, pedestrian-oriented streets, shopping and entertainment complexes, riverfront access, and high-rise mixed-use buildings.

Current Proposal

In October, 2016, the City Council approved planning entitlement for the Sacramento Railyards. The project includes entitlements for the following:
  •  6,000-10,000 dwelling units
  •  514,270 square feet of retail
  •  2,757,027 - 3,857,027 square feet of office use
  •  771,405 square feet of flexible mixed use
  •  1,228,000 square feet of medical campus
  •  1,100 hotel rooms (keys)
  •  485,390 square feet of historic and cultural uses
  •  33 acres of open space. 
  •  A soccer stadium with 19,621 seats, and potential to expand to approximately 25,000 seats.

Contact Information

Subsequent Environmental Impact Report

A Subsequent Impact Environmental Report (SEIR) was prepared for this project. The document can be viewed on the Environmental Impact Report page.