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Design Review

The primary responsibilities of Design Review are to evaluate and take action on development project design review applications that are within a design review area. In following the Design Review Code, they review development applications to ensure that the:   

  • desirability of adjacent and surrounding properties is enhanced
  • benefits of occupancy of adjacent and surrounding properties are improved
  • value of surrounding properties is increased
  • appropriate development of adjacent and surrounding properties is encouraged
  • maintenance and improvement of surrounding properties is encouraged, resulting in the enhancement of the health, safety, aesthetics, and general welfare of the inhabitants of the area and the inhabitants of the city at large

Neighborhood Design Guidelines   

Neighborhood Design Guidelines provide consistent design principles for residential and commercial structures to contribute to the creation of a neighborhood with a positive, cohesive sense of place, and can improve the overall character of the neighborhood by making it a more attractive, safe, and inviting place to live.   

The Design Guidelines have been created for use by residents, developers, design professionals, City of Sacramento (City) planning staff, and the City's design review boards. They are intended to facilitate the design review process by helping applicants and staff identify and devise solutions for design issues early in the application process.   

Projects will be reviewed for compliance with the design principles identified in this document. Although it is understood that not all design principles will be applicable to all proposed projects, conformance with relevant principles is required. Review Design Review District guidelines.