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The City's Historic Preservation program began in 1974 with the City Council’s adoption of the City’s first preservation ordinance and in early 1975 the City Council appointed the first “Preservation Board.” Since then, the program has become a city-wide “Certified Local Government” program with a seven-member Preservation Commission and a Historic & Cultural Resources Element of the City’s General Plan. The program’s primary objectives are to identify, protect, and assist in the preservation, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, and awareness of the City’s historic and cultural resources. 

Check the address to determine if a property is a historic Landmark, within a Historic District, or a Contributing Resource within a historic district by visiting the Planning LAND USE INFORMATION PORTAL.  

Preservation Outreach 
Be sure to sign up for news and alerts from the City’s Historic Preservation team to learn about changes in the design review process, preservation incentive programs, and special preservation projects.

Preservation Site Plan and Design Review Process 
Site Plan and Design Review is a city-wide permitting program intended to improve Sacramento’s built environment for the benefits of all residents and visitors. If a property has been designated a historic Landmark, or is located within a Historic District, preservation staff are responsible for overseeing the Site Plan and Design Review and process prior to an applicant applying for a building permit. Preservation staff may also be involved reviewing potentially-eligible properties as part of the city-wide Site Plan and Design Review process.  

If the work involves the exterior of a building (including windows and doors), construction on the site, or involves significant, publicly-accessible interiors (i.e., lobbies, auditoriums, train station, restaurants), then a Planning Entitlement Application for Preservation, Site Plan and Design Review will likely be required from the City’s Planning Division. Many small projects, such as maintenance, is exempt from Site Plan & Design Review. 

Learn More about Site Plan Design Review Process, by clicking here.

Identification of Historic & Cultural Resources 
The Preservation Director is responsible for maintaining and updating the Sacramento Register of Historic & Cultural Resources. Properties listed on the Sacramento Register are  either individually as historic Landmarks, Historic Districts, or Contributing Resources within historic districts. Click here to view the Sacramento Register of Historic & Cultural Resources.

Preservation Incentive Programs  
Mills Act Program 
The Mills Act Historical Property Contract Program is intended to offset the cost of preserving historic properties by offering property owners a property tax reduction in exchange for agreeing to preserve and maintain their historic building. A property must be listed on the Sacramento Register of Historic and Cultural Resources, the California Register of Historical Resources, or the National Register of Historic Places to be eligible for the program.  

Learn More about the Mills Act Program, by clicking here

Sacramento Historic Property Plaque Program 
Owners of historical properties that have been designated by the City of Sacramento as either a Historic Landmark or a Contributing Resource within a City-designated Historic District are eligible to apply for a Sacramento Historic Property Plaque. Owners can download and complete the Sacramento Historic Property Plaque application and email to

H.E Parker House Historic Landmark


Historic Places Grant Program 
The City of Sacramento and Sacramento Heritage, Inc. jointly administer the Historic Places Grant Program. The grant program is a matching grant program that funds projects between $1,000 and $24,999, and is intended to facilitate the preservation of historic properties (residential and commercial structures and sites) throughout the City of Sacramento. 

Learn More about the Historic Places Grant Program, by clicking here.

Historic Preservation: Special Projects 
Historic Preservation Staff is often involved in a series of special projects to identify historic and cultural resources, and maintain the City’s status as a Certified Local Government. Click on any of the links below to learn about some of the special projects staff has been working on to preserve Sacramento’s historic and cultural resources.