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Are you ready to submit your construction plans to the Building Division to obtain a building permit through our Building Electronic Plan Check (EPC) process, but need clearance from the Planning Division?  Do you need to submit a Planning entitlement application?  Do you have a project concept in mind or plans drafted but need further guidance?  The new e-Planning Submittal service allows you to submit to the Planning Division, with no visit to the public counter!

The new e-Planning Submittal service gives applicants the ability to electronically submit Planning entitlement applications and Planning clearance requests via the internet, as an alternative to submitting hardcopies.  This enhancement to the Building Division's existing submittal webpage (i.e., the Citizen Portal) streamlines the necessary Planning Division clearances that typically require a visit to the public counter to obtain the “Planning Stamp”.

The e-Planning Submittal is an online submittal option intended to streamline the application process and saves customers from waiting at the public counter. Submit online and Planning staff will get you where you need to be!  If you are interested in pursuing this option, download our Registration and Submittal Guide and see below.

El e-Planning servició le permite solicitar derechos de planificación y presentar solicitudes de permisos de construcción en línea. Este proceso fue creado para agilizar el proceso de solicitud. ¡Descargue nuestra Guía de registro y envío y comience el proceso en línea!

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All electronic submittals are done via the Citizen Portal. A public user account must be created to submit an application through the Citizen Portal. Download our Registration and Submittal Guide for instructions on how to create an account.

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There are three application options available to applicants:
1. Planning Entitlement
2. Building Permit Submittal Clearance
3. Pre-submittal Planning Review

Applicants can only select one application type per submittal because each type has distinct submittal requirements. Applicants will be able to submit multiple applications. See below for a description of each application type.  Click on the Registration and Submittal Guide link above for more information.

1. Planning Entitlement
This application type is for applicants who know their project requires a Planning entitlement before they can submit for building permit. Applicants selecting this option have already done their land use and zoning research through the Planning Division’s website, planning@cityofsacramento.orgor  the public counter.  They are confident that they have a complete application.
Entitlement types include: Conditional Use Permits (CUPs), Variances, Tentative Maps / Subdivisions, Site Plan and Design Review (SPDR).
Resources: Planning Entitlement Application (CDD-0063)

2. Building Permit Submittal Clearance
This application type is for applicants who have prepared construction plans and are ready to submit to the Building Division but need clearance from Planning Division. In the past this was done by emailing or visiting the public counter.  Please note that for all projects, the Planning Division determines if a  planning entitlement is required or if it is clear for submittal to the Building Division. All submittal documents shall be prepared according to the Building Division's application requirements. Visit the Building Electronic Plan Check (EPC) page to learn more.

3. Pre-Submittal Planning Review
This application type is for applicants who may not have a fully conceived project and need additional zoning and land use guidance. This option necessitates a project proposal or preliminary plans.