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Historic Preservation

1.  How does a property become "historic"?

It meets eligibility criteria and the City Council has adopted an ordinance to list it on the Sacramento Register.

2.  What are the eligibility criteria for listing on the Sacramento Register?   

To be eligible for listing in the Sacramento Register, the property must be at least 50 years old AND meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • It is associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of the history of the City, the region, the state or the nation.
  • It is associated with the lives of persons significant in the City’s past.
  • It embodies the distinctive characteristics of a type, period or method of construction.
  • It represents the work of an important creative individual or master.
  • It possesses high artistic values.
  • It has yielded or may be likely to yield, information important in the prehistory or history of the City, state or region.
  • Additionally, overall issues related to integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship and condition are also considered.

There are also additional eligibility criteria for designation of historic districts and contributing resources in historic districts.