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Planning Applications and Zoning  

1.  How do I find out the status of my Planning, Design Review, or Preservation application?

The status of your application can be viewed on the online permit tool.  To find out additional information about your planning review please e-mail A City staff member should respond to your e-mail within 24 hours. You may also contact us by dialing 311 inside City limits or (916) 264-5011 outside City limits.

2.  What is a General Plan or Community Plan Amendment

The General Plan and Community Plans describe long range goals and objects for the City as a whole and for specific communities. From time to time, an applicant will propose a change in land use to the General Plan or a Community Plan. These changes are called “General Plan Amendments” or "Community Plan Amendments." More...

3.  How do I determine the zoning of my property?  

You can use the Building Permit Application Search tool to look up address and parcel details. Selecting the parcel number will provide you with zoning information.

4.  Where is the planning application fee list?   

To find the applicable fee worksheet, go to Fee Information and look under the “Fee Worksheets” list. If you are unsure which type of application to file, email or contact 311 and someone will assist you in reaching a City Planner.

5.  How do I change the zoning of my property

The City Zoning Code may be amended to reclassify property from any zoning district provided that any such amendment is consistent with the General Plan. Zone change applications require action by the Planning Commission and the City Council. More...

6.  What are Special Permits

A special permit is a zoning instrument used review certain land uses. The special permit process allows the Zoning Administrator or the Planning Commission to impose certain conditions on a project in order to avoid potential problems. 

7.  What are variances?  

If a property owner feels that one or more zoning standards impose a unique hardship, the owner may request to be excused from strictly complying with that requirement. This request is called a variance. 

8.  What is a Plan Review

Projects located in Special Planning Districts and within certain overlay areas are required to go through the plan review process.  The Plan Review process looks at site design and building design issues. 

9.  How do I subdivide my property

When an applicant seeks to subdivide property, the project is submitted to a map review. This is to ensure that the public infrastructure is maintained properly and can support the proposed development work.  

10.  What is a Planned Unit Development

Planned Unit Developments (PUD) encourage the design of well-planned facilities. The development and design guidelines that are adopted for each PUD provide for greater flexibility in the design of integrated developments than otherwise possible through strict application of zoning regulations. 

11.  What is an Inclusionary Housing Plan?  

An Inclusionary Housing Plan is a requirement of the Mixed Income Housing ordinance which requires that any new residential development of ten units or more include an affordable component. Developers subject to this ordinance should contact SHRA.