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Rental Housing and Inspection Program 

How does the city determine that a property is a rental?
The Sacramento County Tax Assessor's Office provides the city with ownership information each month. The most recent set of records was used to determine the rental properties based on the following: 1) The property address is different than the owner's mailing address and there is no Homeowners Tax Exemption filed with the Assessor's Office.

Is there a form that has to be filled out to register a property?
Yes. Registration forms will be mailed directly to the property owner.

Are any units exempt from the Rental Housing Inspection Program?
Yes. Exemptions include owner-occupied units, properties five years old or less, or units that are routinely inspected by another government agency (subject to approval). Download the Exemption form. Completed forms may be submitted by mail at 915 I Street MC 21000, Sacramento CA 95814 of faxed to (916) 288-9955.

Who is responsible for the payment of annual fees?
The fees are the sole responsibility of the property owner(s).

What is a local contact representative & why are they required to be within 35 miles of Sacramento City Hall?
A local contact representative is either the property owner or their designated representative who has full authority to act on behalf of the property owner. The contact person must work or reside within 35 miles to allow for personal service of any notices from the City of Sacramento.

Does the property owner need to be present for the inspections?
The property owner or their listed contact representative owner must be present.

Does the property owner need to contact the city to schedule the inspections?
No. The property owner or their listed contact representative owner will be contacted by mail at least three (3) weeks prior to their scheduled inspection.

What can the property owner do to prepare for the inspection?
The property owner can prepare for the inspection appointment by obtaining a copy of the inspection checklist used by the City of Sacramento Code Enforcement Department. The list may be downloaded here on the Code Enforcement Department web page or you may request a copy be sent by mail by calling (916) 808-7368.

How do I find out if a property is registered with the Rental Housing Inspection Program?
A list of registered properties is available on our website. The list contains the street addresses of properties whose owner(s) have submitted a completed registration form to the program and contains only those properties located with the City of Sacramento city limits.