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Fee Information

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Many of the fees collected in conjunction with building permits issued by the City of Sacramento Building Division, are not under the authority of the Building Division specifically.  The following is a listing of fees which fall into this category as well as contact information which can be used to discuss fee amounts you may have been quoted or to discuss how a fee may apply to a proposed project.  Prior to calling these numbers please review information available about these fees via the Fees by project link above.  A full fee estimate may be requested for a proposed project by completing the Applicant's Preliminary Building Permit Fee Estimate Worksheet and emailing it to

Sacramento County Regional Sanitation Fee

(916) 876-6100

Fire Department Plan Review Fee

(916) 808-1634

North Natomas Development Fee

(916) 808-8243

North Natomas Habitat Conservation 

(916) 808-1964

Development Impact Fees for Railyards, Richards Boulevard, River District and Downtown Areas

(916) 808-8788

Sacramento Transportation Development Impact Fees (STA) Development Impact Fee

(916) 808-5052

Public Works Fee

(916) 808-7915

Water Development Fee

(916) 808-1400

Utilities Fee 

(916) 808-1400

Park Development Impact Fee 

(916) 808-8722

Housing Trust Fund Fee