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More people are leaving the San Francisco Bay Area for Sacramento. Find out why this trend is continuing and learn more about the great amenities that exist in Sacramento!

In a bold statement intended to underscore its commitment to innovation, the City of Sacramento recently awarded nearly $1 million organizations that will incubate, accelerate and mentor startup companies willing to invest and grow in Sacramento. In approving the RAILS grants, Sacramento’s leadership took a step that has no known precedent around the country, and has made it clear that it intends to sustain and grow a cluster of companies that train technology workers, design technologies and build the products that will propel us into the future. Read about the award winners.


Feb 16 - Looking for a job? We're hiring for many, from Assistant Cook to Arts Administrator! Read Post

Feb 15 - Staff will share data on shelter clients, present an overview of program partnerships, detail the efforts to address any impacts to the surrounding neighborhoods, review lessons learned and next steps for shelter operations. Read Post

Feb 15 - Cheers to the story of how the Golden 1 Center was built by the hands of mostly – Sacramentans. Golden 1 Center's report card presented by the City Auditor, finds that it met or exceeded all of its local hiring and apprentice goals, local and small business involvement goals, and appears to have positively impacted the Downtown area. The auditor summed it up this way: the arena project earned an A+. Go on a quick video journey of the story. Read Post

Feb 14 - Prior to rolling out 900 electric bikes, we want to hear from you! Read Post