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Financial Empowerment

Sacramento Financial Empowerment Center

The City of Sacramento, in partnership with a broad range of community organizations, will soon be offering free professional one-on-one financial counseling and coaching for local residents. This Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) work is expected to begin in late March 2020.

This is an exciting opportunity for Sacramento. High-quality financial counseling and coaching can make a significant difference for families struggling to get by. Our City is integrating the FEC work with our overall strategy for building equitable economic opportunity.

Through FECs, professionally trained counselor/coaches help people with low and moderate incomes to:

  • reduce debt
  • increase savings
  • establish, build and/or improve credit
  • access safe and affordable banking products
  • build assets for long-term financial health

Financial and technical support for this project comes from the New York City-based Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund), which for many years has been helping municipalities around the country to replicate the financial counseling/coaching and related services that NYC has offered since 2006. Founding match sponsorship comes from Citi Community Development. The City of Sacramento has also committed funds to this initiative.

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