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Inclusive Economic and Community Development Investment Committee 


Formed in 2019, the Inclusive Economic and Community Development Investment Committee (IECDIC) works to ensure that City investments foster economic development, promote job growth and create opportunities for all of Sacramento’s residents, particularly those who live in under-served communities.

Investments recommended by this committee seek to improve the health of neighborhoods and businesses, increase wealth and reduce inequities.

The IECDIC advises staff of the Office of the City Manager on the development and review of projects, programs and policies. As appropriate or necessary, the IECDIC works in partnership with the Measure U Committee when Measure U Funds are recommended as the funding source.


The IECDIC generally meets at 4 p.m. on the first Monday of every month. 

Committee details and roster

The overall responsibility of the IECDIC is to work collaboratively with the City Manager’s Office on the development of inclusive economic and community development policies, projects and programs with the goal of fostering economic development and job growth throughout all of Sacramento’s diverse neighborhoods. The IECDIC may make non-binding recommendations to the City Manager. As appropriate, those recommendations may be forwarded to the Measure U Community Advisory Committee to review prior to City Council approval.

Committee members are appointed by the City Manager, who may solicit input about appointments from members of the City Council to ensure representation of the main community and economic interests in the city and region. The committee must include private sector and community representatives as the majority of its membership. It should include the following:

  • Two business representatives from major industries, such as health and life sciences, agricultural technology, advance manufacturing, clean energy and technology and advance information technology
  • Two representatives from financial lenders and investment institutions
  • Two representatives from business and economic development organizations, including property and business improvement districts (PBIDs) and ethnic chambers
  • Two members of the City’s Measure U Community Advisory Committee, representing professional or personal experience in either housing, affordable housing, business, economic development, workforce development or youth-focused adult education
  • Two representatives from workforce development providers and the Workforce Investment Board (WIB)
  • One representative from the housing sector
  • One representative who is a neighborhood or community leader
  • One representative from institutions of higher education
  • One representative from labor groups
  • One representative from the arts and culture field


  • Alice Perez
  • Alona Jennings
  • Andrew Hernandez
  • Anette Smith-Dohring
  • Bill Knowlton
  • Blake Christian Johnson
  • Cameron Law
  • Cathy Rodriguez
  • David Gull
  • Estella Sanchez
  • Fabrizio Sasso
  • Julio Lamas
  • Khalil Ferguson
  • Larry Lee
  • Marisa Kolokotronis
  • Roshaun Davis
  • Sam Smalls
  • Savita Farooqui
  • Shira Lane
  • Stephan Daues 
  • Todd Kaufman
  • Yvonne Harris