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About NDAT

The Neighborhood Development Action Team (NDAT) is a collaboration between City departments and partner agencies, led by the Office of Innovation and Economic Development and the Planning Division. 

NDAT is committed to ensuring Sacramento’s neighborhoods and commercial districts reflect a sustainable, resilient and inclusive economy. By facilitating equitable investments and resources from the City and its partner agencies, NDAT will increase the quality of life and economic growth of people, businesses and places in Sacramento’s historically disenfranchised and disinvested neighborhoods. 

Where we're working

stockton blvd plan initiatives map

NDAT works to revitalize commercial corridors and transit areas in partnership with the community in neighborhoods outside of the central city that have been historically disinvested. Click on the map to see where we’re working now.

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  • Develop innovative outreach engagement tools 
  • Navigate city government
  • Educate on existing processes 
  • Connect community to resources


  • Support and provide data for small businesses
  • Build capacity of Property-based improvement districts (PBID) and Chambers of Commerce
  • Revitalize commercial districts
  • Facilitate development and investment


  • Create, review, implement neighborhood plans
  • Support transit-oriented development
  • Develop inclusive/equitable policies
  • Streamline environmental review