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Operating & Capital Budget Documents Archive

Budget in Brief

Provides a brief and simple overview of the Adopted and Proposed City Budgets. 

Approved Budget

The annual operating budget is a City Council approved spending plan for use of the City’s funding sources. The plan is a ‘living’ document that guides the allocation of funds for certain purposes and is revised and adjusted throughout the year. The City Charter requires that the City Council approve a balanced budget for the following fiscal year by June 30th. 

Proposed Budget

The City Charter requires the City Manager to present a proposed annual budget to the City Council no less than 60 days prior to the beginning of each fiscal year. The Proposed Budget outlines the recommended spending plan and revenue estimates for the coming fiscal year.

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Capital Improvement Program is a five-year plan for the funding and construction or repair of City buildings and facilities such as streets, roads, storm drains, traffic signals, parks, and community centers.

Approved Budget Approved CIP Budget in Brief pERS Safety Valuation  PERS Miscellaneous Valuation
FY2017 2016-2021 FY2017 FY2017 FY 2017
FY2016 2015-2020 FY2016 FY2016 FY2016
FY2015 2014-2019  FY2015 FY2015 FY2015
FY2014 2013-2018 FY2014 FY2014 FY2014
FY2013 2012-2017 N/A FY2013 FY2013
FY2012 2011-2016 N/A FY2012 FY2012
FY2011 2010-2015  FY2011 FY2011 FY2011


To view prior year archived Budget documents please search the City of Sacramento Records Library.