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Contract Ordinances

Although multiple codes and regulations may apply when bidding for and approving a contract, the Sacramento City Code references the following Items:

Equal Benefits Ordinance

Contractors must provide the same benefits to employees with domestic partners as they do for those with spouses, in accordance with City, state, and federal laws.

Local Business Enterprise (LBE)

The LBE Program provides a 5% preference on all City procurement opportunities under $100,000. For professional service contracts only, this preference also applies to procurement opportunities of $100,000 or more. City Code Chapter 3.60.260

Prevailing Wage

Describes how the winning bidder is determined, as well as other restrictions on how a contract can be created and awarded.

Living Wage Ordinance

Contractors must provide a living wage to their employees.

Ban the Box

Contracts for
Professional Services

Requirements for how a contract for a professional service is sought and awarded can be be found via City Code Chapter 3.64