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PAYMENTS ACCEPTED by mail, City Hall drop box on H Street, online, by phone (numbers and hours listed below) or in person (public counter hours listed below).

BUSINESS OPERATIONS TAX - Apply or Renew online.  

The City of Sacramento does not issue a business license.  All businesses that operate in the City of Sacramento or do business with the City of Sacramento must pay a business operation tax. Visit the City’s Online Data Portal for a searchable list of businesses in the city who are paying operation taxes. Follow the steps below to apply for your business operation tax account.

The City of Sacramento does not issue a general business license, but does require all businesses that operate in the City of Sacramento to obtain a Business Operations Tax certificate.



Application for Exemption from Business Operations Tax

Cannabis business tax

Different types of businesses

Looking for a business

  Business Improvement Area (BIA) Fees


Download Application

Apply/Renew Online

  1. Complete a BOT application or apply on-lineThis is a tax levied on all businesses that operate in the City of Sacramento and is paid annually.
  2. Cannabis business? All cannabis businesses need a business operation tax account.
  3. Working from home? If you operate your business from your residence, you will need a home occupation permit in addition to the business operation tax. The home occupation permit is a one time fee. Become familiar with the home occupation permit requirements and restrictions before you apply. Your home occupation permit application must be submitted along with your business operation tax application.
  4. Submit your application(s) in person or by mail to Revenue Division 915 I Street, Room 1214, Sacramento, CA 95814.
  5. Fees are due at the time of application. You can find explanations of the fees for the different business types here. The business operation tax is an annual fee. The home occupation permit is a one time fee.
  6. What happens next? Your new business application is routed to the Community Development Department to ensure that the business will be conducted in an appropriately zoned location.
  7. After your business receives zoning approval, you will be mailed a business operations tax certificate.
  8. Do you need a Special Business Permit?  Please check out the Special Business Permit page to see if a permit is required for your business.
  9. For questions regarding the status of your application or renewal, you may contact Revenue Services, Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Friday 8:30 am to 12:00 pm at (916) 808-8500. You may also contact us electronically.
  10. Sacramento City Code Chapter 3.08 for Business Operations Tax