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The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for storefront dispensary permits is now open.  Interested individuals who meet the criteria for Classifications 1 and 2 of the Cannabis Opportunity Reinvestment and Equity (CORE) Program may start submitting their Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) or response to the RFQ between now and February 19, 2021.  The 10 highest scoring SOQs will be given an opportunity to apply for a storefront dispensary permit.


RFQ Timeline

11/19/20 - 12/4/20 CORE Stakeholders Comment Period

1/6/21 CORE Stakeholder Meeting on RFQ

1/7/21 RFQ Opening Date

1/7/21 - 1/29/21 Q & A Period

2/19/21 RFQ Closing Date

2/22/21 - 3/15/21 Evaluation Period

End of 3/2021 Announcement of Selected SOQs

To view or to respond to the RFQ, please visit the online submission portal.  If you missed the CORE stakeholder discussion on the RFQ, please visit our Stakeholder Meetings page to view PowerPoint presentations and watch videos of the meetings.

The City Council ordinance adopted on October 13, 2020 amending Title 5 to add 10 new storefront dispensary permits through a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process can be viewed here.  The resolution containing the RFQ procedures, criteria and other relevant information on the process can be viewed here


RFQ Criteria (Statement of Qualifications)

The draft RFQ criteria was developed from a combination of the criteria approved by Council in 10/13/20 resolution and input from stakeholders received through a September 2020 survey.  CORE participants who wish qualify for a storefront dispensary permit must respond to the RFQ by submitting a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ), or a narrative discussion of their qualifications.  SOQs will be evaluated and scored by a panel of evaluators. 


Survey on RFQ Criteria

On September 11, 2020, CORE stakeholders received a survey on possible criteria for the Request for Proposals (RFQ).  A total of 81 responses were received.  Survey results can be viewed according to the the highest rated and lowest rated criteria.  


RFQ Assistance and Grants Available to Applicants for Storefront Dispensaries

A $250K grant program to support CORE applicants during the RFQ process and upon award of a storefront dispensary permit is available through the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association's Cannabis Cares Grant Program.  Read more about the grant program here.