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Unclaimed Property

The City of Sacramento hereby provides notice to owners of record of unclaimed money in the City's possession that the unclaimed money will escheat to the City by operation of law if not claimed by 5:00 p.m. on June 29, 2017.

Unclaimed Property List


To file a claim for unclaimed property:

  • The owner of record of the unclaimed property which is in the City’s possession, or any other person who has a legal right to or ownership interest in the property, may file a claim for the property.
  • To file a claim, claimants must complete the City’s Claim for Unclaimed Property in accordance with the Instructions for the Claim Form for Unclaimed Property.
  • A single form may be used to include more than one item of unclaimed property so long as all pertinent information is provided for each item of property that is requested on the claim form.

Required documentation and signatures:

- Satisfactory proof of ownership requires the following:

(1) The claim form must be signed by the owner of the unclaimed property, not by an agent.

(2) For all claims, the claimant must show proof of identity and proof of ownership of the property. If the claimant is determined to be the owner of record, he or she need only show proof of identity by a valid governmental photo identification (e.g., driver’s license, passport, or a government employer identification badge). If the claimant is not the owner of record, he or she must also show proof of ownership of the property (e.g., documentation such as a will or probate order, court order, or other appropriate legal document).

(3) If a claim for $100 or more is sent by mail or courier, the claim must contain a notarized original signature of the owner (or other legitimate claimant such as an authorized corporate official). For claims of less than $100, generally the claim is not required to contain a notarized original signature of the owner or other valid claimant unless the claim is filed by an agent on behalf of the owner. The City may require a notarized signature or any other proof of identification he or she deems appropriate under the circumstances of any particular case.

(4) The claim must be submitted on an original of the claim form, whether submitted in person or by mail or courier. A copy of a signed original claim may be sent by email only for purposes of meeting a filing deadline, but only the original of the claim will be accepted for processing. Therefore the timely filed copy must be followed up by submitting the original claim or else the claim will be rejected.

(5) If a claimant is represented by an agent, the claim must comply with the following procedures:

(a) The claim must have the original, notarized signature of the claimant or such person’s guardian or conservator.

(b) The claim must include a signed and notarized power of attorney. To expedite review of the claim, the claimant should complete the City’s Limited Power of Attorney form.

(c) If the City’s Limited Power of Attorney form is not used, the claimant will be required to pay the cost of having the City Attorney review the power of attorney for legal validity.

(6) If the claimant purports to be claiming the money on behalf of a business entity, the claimant must provide his or her name and title, and documentary proof that he or she has authority to make such claim. Proof of authority can be, but is not limited to, a signed letter from the owner or CEO of the company on company letterhead, or a corporate resolution.
(7) If the money is being requested to be paid to someone other than the original owner or payee of record (e.g., to a specific person instead of to a corporation owner of record, where the corporation has been dissolved), the claimant must provide a signed statement made under penalty of perjury and other appropriate supporting documentation justifying the change in payee.
(8) Once a proper claim has been timely filed with the City, the claim will be evaluated and the claimant will be notified if any additional information is needed. Please note that it may take up to 90 days to process your claim.


Please be sure to include ALL required information with your claim request. FAILURE TO SUBMIT A CLAIM INCLUDING THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION WILL RESULT IN THAT CLAIM BEING DENIED AND RETURNED TO THE SENDER. As a result, claimants are requested to provide as much information as possible in order to expedite our review process and to substantiate the claimant's right to unclaimed property. If, for any reason, you cannot provide the documentation as requested, please attach a letter explaining why you are entitled to the unclaimed property and any special circumstances which may apply to your claim.

The completed claim(s) and required supplemental information should be mailed or delivered to:

City of Sacramento
Department of Finance
ATTN: Unclaimed Property
915 I Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

All additional questions should be mailed to the above address or emailed to

Please note that it may take up to 90 days to process your claim, and if approved, approximately 30 additional days for you to receive payment. This process may take longer under certain circumstances.