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Maps & Geographic Information 

Geographic Information System

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system that captures, stores, checks, integrates, manipulates, analyzes and displays data related to a position on the Earth's surface. GIS is often used to create Maps, but can also be much more.

Hidden in most data is a geographical component: an address, postal code, census block, city, county, or latitude/longitude coordinate. For City GIS data, please see the Data Download page.

GIS can use this information to find the geographical relationships such as which services or facilities are near a particular address. The Interactive Maps and Tools page links to dynamic interactive maps and address lookup tools.


The City Map Gallery is a collection of ready-to-print maps as well as links to various City departments' maps. There are many maps available such as Council District, Neighborhood, Historic, Park, and Land-use maps.

How are Geographic Information Systems used at the City?

GIS is an enabling technology that is used to facilitate a variety of business functions in the City. Below are just a few examples:

Public Safety 911
Garbage Truck Routing
Subdivision Plan Submission
Crime Analysis
Public Noticing
Facilities Management
General Plan Update

Disclaimer:  All maps & data provided are subject to Terms of Use identified in the City of Sacramento Open Data policy 


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