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City Map Gallery

The City Map Gallery is a collection of ready-to-print maps as well as links to various City departments' maps. There are many maps available such as Council District, Neighborhood, Historic, Park, and Land-use maps.

In addition to the PDF maps below, some maps are available on other City web pages. 

Disclaimer:  All maps & data provided are subject to Terms of Use identified in the City of Sacramento Open Data policy

All maps are available in Adobe PDF format 

 Name  Download     Preview     
Citywide Council District Map (Updated 12/16/2021) Small (8.5"x11")
Large (34"x44")

Council District 1 Map (Updated 12/16/2021)

Council District 2 Map (Updated 12/16/2021)
Council District 3 Map (Updated 12/16/2021)
Council District 4 Map (Updated 12/16/2021)
Council District 5 Map (Updated 12/16/2021)
Council District 6 Map (Updated 12/16/2021) Small (8.5"x11")
Large (34"x44")

Council District 7 Map (Updated 12/16/2021) Small (8.5"x11")
Large (34"x44")

Council District 8 Map (Updated 12/16/2021) Small (8.5"x11")
Large (34"x44")

Neighborhoods Map

Large (34"x44") Neighborhood Map Image

Neighborhood 2010 Population

Small (11"x17") Neighborhood Map Image 

City Streets Map

Large (34"x44")