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Provided below are the statistics covering all the dogs and cats that enter the Front Street Animal Shelter.  It is important to note we are not a “no-kill” shelter.  We are an open, municipal shelter, which means that we must take any stray dog that is found within our jurisdiction and brought to us.  Although the Sacramento City Code does not require us to take in cats, we often do.

 Thanks to the tremendous amount of community support, progressive outreach, offsite adoption events, our Petco Adoption Center, foster care resources, rescue groups, and our shelter partners in the region and out-of-state, we have made great strides in the past several years. With the goal of saving every healthy and adoptable animal, we have been able to achieve our highest save rates in the shelter’s history.  Although we have made progress, we understand that this is not perfection. We strive every day to be a better shelter and, with the help of our community, we will continue to improve our practices to be the shelter that the Sacramento residents deserve. 



2017 Monthly Live Release Save Rate January to July



2017 Monthly Intake Statistics January to July



2017 Monthly Outcome Statistics January to July



 Live-Release (Save) Rate Live-Release (Save) Rate
Intake Intake
Adoptions Adoptions
Sent To Rescue Groups Sent To Rescue Groups
Returned To Owners Returned To Owners
Transferred To Shelters  Transferred To Shelters
Euthanized Euthanized
Died In Care  Died In Care
Escaped / Missing  Escaped / Missing
Feral Cats Returned  Feral Cats Returned