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This citation has been issued because your dog(s) or cat(s) has not been licensed or the license has expired.

You have 20 CALENDAR DAYS to correct this violation by purchasing a license for each pet. If the license is purchased within the 20 calendar days, the citation will be voided. You must license your pet at our shelter. Please bring the citation with you.

To purchase a license, you must provide paperwork showing a current rabies vaccination. If your pet does not have a current rabies vaccination, one can be purchased at the shelter for $8. If your pet is spayed or neutered, then you must provide paperwork proving that the procedure was completed in order to receive a substantial discount on the license. It is NOT required to spay or neuter your pet.

If you do NOT purchase a license within the 20 calendar days, then you will be required to pay the penalty listed on the citation IN ADDITION to purchasing the license. All citations not cleared by compliance are sent to a collection agency for payment.

It is the sole responsibility of the named individual on the citation. By accepting and signing the citation, you are liable for purchasing a license and for any penalties, even if you are not the primary owner.

If you give your pet away, it does NOT relieve you of your responsibility and the citation will NOT be voided. The new owner must license the pet and provide paperwork to you showing that he/she licensed the pet under his/her name. Then, you must provide the paperwork to us in order to clear the citation. Even if the new owner lives outside of Sacramento, he/she must license with his/her local animal control.

If you surrender your pet to an animal shelter, you must provide paperwork showing that you surrendered ownership in order for us to clear your citation.

If you do not comply, then you will be cited again whereby the administrative penalty will increase.

Right To Appeal

You may appeal a citation within 20 CALENDAR DAYS after the issuance date of the citation. Appeals will NOT be accepted after the 20 calendar days. In order to appeal, you must fill out an appeal form and pay the appeal fee at our shelter. Do NOT mail the citation or a written explanation.