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Sacramento gets a cheap new way to cruise town with $44 million in electric vehicles (November 2018)

When electric isn’t good enough: Sacramento is staging the ground for a fight to make drivers spend less time on the road (October 2018)

Sacramento wants you to dump your car and rent one of these 400 electric share vehicles (July 2018)

Sacramento, make way for electric buses and cars. It’s a good thing (June 2018) 

Electrify America to spend $44 million on Sacramento-area electric vehicles (June 2018) 

Allocation of $44 million from VW settlement to go toward electric, zero-emission vehicles in Sacramento (June 2018) 

Sacramento Trying Not To Leave Low-Income Drivers Behind In Push For 70,000 More Electric Vehicles (February 2018)

How the Volkswagen Diesel Scandal Could Ease Traffic Between Sacramento and Davis (February 2018)

Why VW Windfall is a Rare Chance to Sacramento, UC Davis  (August 2017) 

Sacramento CityExpress: Electrify America to Officially Invest $44 Million in Sacramento (July 2017) 

This Big Carmaker will Spend Millions to Push Electric Vehicles in Sacramento (July 2017)

Volkswagen Bringing Electric Car Programs to Sacramento (June 2017)



January 9, 2019: Sacramento Poised to Make Another Big Leap with Electric Car Sharing

November 2, 2018: New, Massive Electric Car-Sharing Program Launches in Sacramento

February 22, 2018: Test Drive a Zero Emissions Vehicle!



November 1, 2018: Envoy Technologies First to Deploy On-Demand, Community-Based Electric Vehicles in Sacramento as Part of Electrify America’s Sac-to-Zero Initiative

 October 30, 2018: Electrify America and Envoy to launch first electric vehicle car sharing program to roll out in Sacramento, California as part of a “Sac-to-Zero” initiative introduced to increase user awareness and citywide access to EV transit

 June 13, 2018: Electrify America and the City of Sacramento Announce “Green City” Initiative Projects Featuring New Zero-Emissions Car Sharing Programs, Zero-Emissions Shuttle Bus Routes and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.

February 12, 2018: “Discover and Drive” Tour Kicks Off in Seven California Metros to Help Increase Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Awareness and Consideration

February 8, 2018: Electrify America Seeks Input For Zero-Emission Bus and Shuttle Mobility in Sacramento

July 28, 2017: CARB Approves Electrify America’s Cycle 1 Investment Plan

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